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For the lost Daughters.

In memory of the Battle of Baghuz: For the Lost Daughters. All of hell broke loose, In the Battle for Baghuz, As if it wasn’t already blazing in the deathly fires of sin. The evil countenance cowered behind shields that begged them not too.   Shields that had no voice loud enough to stop the death of thousands. Shields that had broken hearts long before they had broken bodies, And now those bodies lay, As innocent bones, And spilt blood.  Her voice was quiet and steady, As she took her last breath, And vowed evil upon the men who took everything except her life, For they saved that until now, In this moment it would vanish. It’s been four years, She remembers not her name, Nor her fathers. With no recollection of the life before,  And no hope for the future, Her frame tenderly kisses the dust in which she came, And gives herself up to the vanity of the present.  For, her heart ponders,  If her sole purpose was to be used a

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